Over its 10 years in existence, the VMLC mission has been to ensure quality medical and mental health care for Veterans in Maricopa County.


With the changing needs of our returning Veterans and continued needs of Veterans from eras past, the VMLC has continued to adapt its mission and funding to make sure that our men and women of uniform do not get left behind.


The primary beneficiary of VMLC funds is the VMLC Returning Warriors Program, but VMLC also supports the annual Standdown for Veterans,  Homeless Female Veterans, the Arizona State Veterans Home, Dental Care for Homeless Vets and other programs at the VA Medical Center like the  Retirement Home, Suicide Prevention, Hospice and some special travel requests associated with medical requirements. Requests for these initiatives are made directly to the VMLC.


For more information the VMLC Returning Warriors Program and how to become eligible for assistance, click on the logo to the right.


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Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC)

1024 W. Pampa Ave.

Mesa, AZ 85210

*VMLC Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


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