Homelessness in the Veteran population is exacerbated by a down economy in Arizona.  VA Secretary Shinseki has pledged to eradicate this problem.  Of the 300,000 veterans in Maricopa County, 3,500 are currently homeless.

The VMLC provides support to homeless Veterans by:

  • contributing both funds and volunteers to the Arizona Stand Down.  Each year this event brings hundreds of homeless veterans off the streets and out of the shelters for three days to break down barriers and provide them with much needed services that will hopefully set them on the road to recovery and independence. VMLC donated $5,000 in gift cards for the female veteran guests at this year's Stand Down.

  • contributing to the dental program at Central Arizona Shelter Services(CASS).  Lack of needed dental care causes pain and suffering, infections, poor health, increased low self-esteem, and interferes with our veterans' ability to seek and maintain employment and educational opportunities and decreases social interaction

  • supporting a program at US Vetscalled "Veterans Family Reunion".  With the help of our corporate partner, US Airways, we are able to provide air transportation for this great event.   The "Family Reunion" brings a much needed sense of family, community and reconnection to both the veterans and their families

  • providing financial support (and volunteers) for Mary Ellen's Place, the first permanent residence for homeless women veterans.  Mary Ellen's Place will prevent homelessness in the women veterans' population by providing a safe environment for those who need to decompress and reintegrate back into the family and social atmosphere they once cherished.


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