Returning combat veterans may be in need of dental care and it can take up to six months for their VA benefit to activate. If a veteran had work started while deployed or has an emergency dental need, the VMLC will cover that work.  VMLC is also providing financial support for dental care for Homeless Veterans.


Urgent Dental Need with Homeless Veterans

Dental health care is a serious issue for homeless veterans. Lack of needed dental care causes pain and suffering, infections, poor health, increased low self-esteem, and interferes with our veterans' ability to seek and maintain employment and educational opportunities and decreases social interaction.  At Central Arizona Shelter Service, it has 43 beds in reserved for veterans, though from July 1, 2009 to date we have served 514 homeless veterans (each fiscal year we serve nearly 800 veterans). Of these veterans, 39% are between 31-50 years old, 42% are between 51-61 years old, 10% are 62-74 years old and 9 veterans are 75 or older.


How the VMLC Helps

In 2010, VMLC responded to CASS' request with a Grant of $40,000.  This Grant made it possible for CASS to provide dental care for veterans who were on their waiting list.


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